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Fuel Pump Assembly no good.....wats my options?????need help asap
Khaled Offline
I have a 1987 Ford thunderbird TC 2.3L etc 5spd

I finally finished my engine work and all that was needed to run the motor and new floors welding etc....but now i have a big problem...

my fuel tank leaks from the top were the lines are...i did a price qoute for a new assembly and noticed it would be 250USD+ not in my budject for stock crap... im thinkin wat else can i do to have it work my way....

can i just have an external fuel pump? or can i swap in a mustang 2.3L fuel tank with all the parts or somethin off another car?

if i go extrenal do i need a Fuel cell...
i just need this car runnin for more mods....
i will in the future go for a high volume pump (255LPH walbro etc)

Do you guys understand what im trying to say...if not plz reply or pm me thx
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Ralph H. Offline
I would think a mustang one might work,you would have to take your nest(whole pump assembly) out and match it up.Yours is probably rotted and under high pressure they leak,have seen many on all kinds of cars rust out and leak,and only fix is to get a new or good used one.Some stock crap you have to have.No matter if you run an external pump that nest has to be sound,not much of a way around it,get a used one from a wreck yard if you can.

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You might want to shop around a bit and see if anybody has one. If your that far in the tank just throw the walboro in while your there. I would look on ebay for a possible good one. Also look to see if you can find a parts interchange, see if any other cars used the same parts, might open a few options up.
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Do a search on my posts for the last few weeks or so for more details.... Basically, I took a good flange I had laying around off an old Escort, Tempo, or some such Ford, cut the hanger assy off that flange and the rotted TC flange, and welded the TC hanger assy to the good flange. Had to fab up lines, fuel and electrical connectors, etc, but cost was zero.
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