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It was so nice today that I thought I would take the Tbird out for a spin. Well it brought up a concern I;ve forgot about over the winter. 1/4 tank fuel slosh, starvation, like going arround corners, especialy left one. So I was wondering if the Walbro 225 high pressure pump would take care of some of this problem?

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I doubt that the Walbro will make any difference. It uses the stock pickup and the problem is no gas at the pickup.

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#3 could be bad gas if it sat all winter(ofcoarse you said it was doing that before hand so maybe not)...or maybe you have some trash in your gas tank clogging the fuel pump filter.could even be your external fuel filter. If you are going to change the pump, id recomend making sure that is the problem.(check fuel pressure) If you want to change the pump anyway (stock pumps dont work well with minor mods even) id say it all depends on what you want out of the car. big horsepower-id get the 255LPH fuel pump. if your just driving it every day to enjoy it...and recommend 155LPH or even 190 lph if you are unsure about what you want to do. just make sure thats the problem before you do anything. i think Glenn has the fuel diagnostics still. Are you flooring it when this happens, or just normally driving along???what are your boost levels set at and do you have any modifications done to the car?
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Both of my T/c's and my Sport Coupe have always done the same thing with stock and aftermarket pumps.Trying to open it up at all going into a turn makes them fall flat on there face when they are low on fuel,mine usually do it starting a little under a quarter.Guess if I don't want them to starve,I'll have to keep them submerged... [Image: wink.gif] easier said thasn done these days.

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hybridbird knows what I'm talking about. I was planning on changing the pump anyway and in know way feel that the pump was the problem, just hoping a better one will help the starvation. Thanks guys.

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why not just stick an inline pump in there. it won't help with the pickup, but it would still keep the gas that's already in the lines moving. you have plenty of gas in the lines to make it all the way around any corner out there on the real road.
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