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Fuel Pump
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Got the new AFPR put in as well as a gauge inmy 85 TC. Adjusted the FP to 40PSI at idle. Took it down the road again the under boost stumble is still there. Came back home and tried adjusting for more FP but it maxes out at 41PSI and bleads down very quickly. Turn the car off and withing 10 seconds the FP gauge reads zero.

I'm thinking that because I can get no more than 41PSI that under boost the engine is starving for fuel.

Will probably get a new pump in the next few days unless someone has any other ideas.

Also, will an inline pump work or will I have to get a factory type and pull the tank to install.


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Could be the pump. Could be the regulator. Could be leaking injectors. Why not run the diagnostics to pinpoint it first.
Pete Dunham


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