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fuel pressures
oldone Offline
A buddy of mine just bought an 87 TC. The car is completely stock and the problem
is the idle is very erratic and sometimes during acceleration the car will
fall on its face as if its starving for fuel. I pulled codes but there was nothing unusual there. I ran fuel pressure cks last
night and with the key on engine off the pressure goes to 40 but falls off
to 10-15 within a minute.(I thought it should maintain the pressure) With the
engine running the pressure is 34 and will jump to 40 with the regulator
disconnected. Any help is appreciatted.
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Jeff K Offline
The drop off indicates either a bad regulator or a bad check valve in the fuel pump. All that will do is probably make hot restarts harder, and cranking after sitting a day or so may be longer before it starts.

You really need to check the fuel pressure under high load conditions, like WOT at 4000+ RPM where fuel demand is high.

Do a COMPLETE tune up with Motorcraft parts (wires and plugs especailly) and see what happens.

Jeff Korn

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Fuel pressure should remain constant at idle around 35 psi and increase as your boost increases. Stalling or stumbling can be caused by the regulator or tune up.

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Pete D Offline
I sent your friend (roufneck) the diagnostic routines last night. Leaking injector(s) can also be a cause of rapid pressure bleed down.

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this might sound retarted, but you checked the fuel filter isn't clogged, right? if you did, please disregard this statement.
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