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Fuel Pressure Question...
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just rebuilt engine and checked mileage. new stock fuel pump. 16 mpg and car was definitely running rich. checked fuel pressure....70+ psi at idle. replaced fuel pressure regulator with OEM style. now fuel pressure is 35 psi at idle with the vacuum hose removed and 25 psi with the vacuum hose on.

car is mostly stock. '88, auto, 3" exhaust w/magnaflow, gillis valve at 12 psi, ranger roller.

am i in trouble?
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Yeah I just went down the whole fuel pressure road myself. There is a good tech article about fuel pressure diagnostics. You'll need to complete the test to be sure your fuel system is up to snuff. You've done half of it already.

My pressure was a little higher at idle with the hose off. It was 39 with my stock setup after I replaced the cracked hose on the pump in the tank. FP psi has to go up #/# with boost psi on the road. See tech article:

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