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Front control arm bushing part numbers!! Please Help!!
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I went to Advance Auto Parts to get new front control arm bushings for my 88TC on Saturday. Of course, they didn't have them in stock, so they ordered them @ $11.50 each, they listed as a kit, and in the pic, they showed two bushings, so I got two of them. Well, when they arrived on Sunday morning, I picked them up. The first problem I noticed is that there were only two bushings, TRW branded, and both were in separate boxes. Well, I was pretty sure a kit mean't that is would one control arm (both front and rear bushings), but I guess I was wrong. I get to my shop, proceed to drop out the entire front left suspension and get the control arm out. Low and behold, the bushings I had were the right ones for only the rear bushings (i think they were the smaller diameter bushings). The other one, I think the front, was much larger in diameter and there was no way that what I had was gonna work in its place. So, I call up Advance and tell the idiot on the phone of my dilemma. I told them that "kit" usually means more than one part, usually both bushings, and if I was wrong, why was there no other part numbers listed for a larger bushing, just the "kit" was listed? Well, of course I got silence on the other end of the phone...that kind of pissed me off, duh!! Most of the employees don't know there a$$ from a hole in the ground when it comes to car parts.

To make a long story short, I have the drivers control arm out, and only one bushing for it (TRW btw), and no one can seem to offer me a part number for the larger bushing!! I went to NAPA online and found it, but since I am already working with Advance, I would rather stick with them. Any idea what the TRW part numbers are for the two (fore and aft) bushings for 88 Turbo coupe front control arms?

I know I could got poly bushings through PST, but I only want std bushings. Hey, they last a long time, I don't race the car, and I like a good ride.

Can anyone help me out here!!????

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My advice.....suck it up and lose $11 and get the parts you need from napa...oh and next time start at much of your time trying to find something else is worth the price of just buying what u need and being done if u think ur time is worth $11/hr then if u spend anymore time then an hour on looking for something else your loosing money/time....personally the time im not working is worth alot to me! good luck.
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