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Front bumper removal....
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The time has come for me to take care of this loose end.I'm going to fill in the old license plate bracket holes,fix a crack and bunch of gouges,then re-paint.For anyone who has taken theirs off before,what's the easiest route? Do the inner splash shields have to come out? etc...
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On an 87 (88 should be the same) I took off my entire front facia (don't know the proper name) or "nose" if you will. Didn't have to remove the inner wheel whell splash guards. Did need to remove the cornering lamps and associated "banding", also headlamps, turn signals, etc. I also removed the upper nose. It's been a while but IIRC it only took a couple of hours total to dismantle. You can probably do it a lot faster but I had to be careful not to hurt my great paint job.

Just take your time and you'll easily figure out what has to come off and what doesn't. Good luck!
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also, i reinforce my lower bumpercover where the air dam is, so it doesn't sag down as much, i just used a piece of 1/8in thick steel flat bar like and inch wide and its worked great, i also supported up to the secondary latch catch thing. didn't take me long and makes the front end look alot nicer,
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In addition to other fasteners, you will find four bolts at the top of the fenders; two for each side that are fixed in the header panel. Be prepared for the studs to back out of the fiberglass, as this is a common problem for these cars. You can simply fix up some resin or epoxy to secure the studs back into the header panel.
Other than that, you should have some 8mm bolts under the headlights and a few inside the fender.
I can't remember if I had to pull the splash shields or not. I've done it several times, but it's been years since I've done it.
It's an easy job.
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I pull the ENTIRE nose. No need to pull the headlight, corner lights, or any other parts. There's 7 bolts for each fender, the hood latch bracket, 2 fender supports, and the 8-ish bolts underneath the nose by the airdam. Plus 4-5 clips per inner wheelhouse (pull them out with a pair of dikes). The whole nose, fenders and all, then slides right off. It takes about 15-20 minutes start to finish. This way the whole front stays "square" and you don't bust your hands up.

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