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free mods?
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Hi All,

I am Vince from Reading PA. I just got my first Turbo Coupe (an 88). I am anxious to start making mods to it. does anyone know a good site for the usual free mods i.e air box,raising boost, gutting cats ect? it would be greatly appreciated. although this is my first turbo ford I am semi versed in IC Turbo's and I look forward to speaking with all of you.


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950 blue from Rhode Island? Remembered the name, congrats on the find. Look pretty good- same color as mine.

For "free HP" check these out:

Up front, I would say the cheapest, easiest ways to make some cheap HP are a K&N cone per instructions in the first link, then simply bypass the boost control solenoid on the passenger-side fenderwell, and start looking into upgrading the exhaust. The first link references disconnecting the knock sensor, but I don't recommend that unless you ALWAYS run the highest Octane fuel and you are Positive you know what detonation sounds like.

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Just been lookin around found alot of info here. GREAT SITE

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Quote:Originally posted by wildchildsixx27:
Hi All,

does anyone know a good site for the usual free mods i.e air box,raising boost, gutting cats ect? it would be greatly appreciated.


Um, maybe this one? seriously this is the 2.3 site. I am in Delaware, but do tend to get around, Maybe I'll see you around.

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I think the best way to quick horse power in our cars is the Gillis valve. This seems to be one of the greatest inventions yet. It goes on the vacuum line on the passenger fender well and it allows you to adjust the boost level you run. This is the first thing that was recomended to me so I will recomend it to you. The link to the web site is on this board. Just find that and you will be boosting in no time. TJ
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if you want to go even cheaper than the low price of the Gillis Boost Valve than you can always make your own for about $10 from hardware store parts. i'm looking for the intrsuctions myself, so if anyone would be so kind as to post them it wqould be greatly appreciated [Image: biggrin.gif]
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