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Fox mustang front lower control arms
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1988 TC

So I had the bright idea of installing some front Lca's from a fox stang. I was motivated to do this because the ball joints and bushings were shot. I had a fox mustang bushing kit (energy suspension) and lca's in the garage. And I was tired of the front wheels sticking out. Having 17x9s in the front with 275/40s, man it looked ugly. For those wondering, I have 275/40s in the front because it looks better than having a streched 245/45, and I already tried everything in between these sizes, and these are the only ones that provide a good comfortable ride. Plus they were free, lol. Also the style of the tire helps, it looks more like a 255 so it doesnt look wide at all. Also, I used stock TC coils with 3/4 chopped, and I could barely get them in. I had 02 gt springs in before the whole swap and couldnt get them in.
Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has mustang lca's and what you had done for it to be aligned. What spring did you use? I know I have to pick up some cc plates. But is that it?


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I used sn95 springs from bbk and they lowered my car perfect in front and I put a 1'' spacer in the rears because the back sagged a little . looks and handles great now
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