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Found this on WTF
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Check out that winning bid.

1987 Turbo Coupe, 157,000 miles as of July 2003, maroon paint (chipping clear coat), raven interior, big dent on rear quarter panel, tore up nose... Sad

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Holy shit.That thing must be made of gold!!
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17 inch centerlines 944 front mount IC 80mm MAF
65mm tb-rotated intake on the way to 400HP

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MykeTT87, see
Pete Dunham


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Yeah, i can't believe that. That was a lot more than i paid for mine, and mine was brand new in the box with 1 mile on it.

[Image: 140speedonew.jpg]

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Wooo dayum... For $560 I'll pull mine for anyone who wants it..

Three 1988 Turbo Coupes .....
yea one of em has a 5.0 And runs 13.1s......
uhhh make that [email protected] with a 90hp shot of nitrous.
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Maybe the stock ones will be even worth more because there original. I'll let my go for $750.00 [Image: biggrin.gif]

88 TC X 2 One stock one not so stock. (NATO Member)
Not So Stock 88 TC. 94 SHO w/5speed. (NATO Member)

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Quote:Originally posted by FlyByeBoy:
Maybe the stock ones will be even worth more because there original. I'll let my go for $750.00 [Image: biggrin.gif]

Yeah right!

You can buy mine for $725 [Image: biggrin.gif] LOL
Rice never knew what hit them.

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Im know little about TC's but hell, I only paid $125 for my 145mph speedo in my 92 SC
92 T-bird SC 227K, [email protected] 97.36 MPH
96 T-bird Sport
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There was another on that just ended for Winning bid: US $153.50
Ended: Jul-29-03 00:02:44 PDT bet they're kicking themselves.

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