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I posted on here that I bought an OMC marine 2.3 Ford cylinder head and I just had it magnafluxed, it came back CRACK FREE! Some background, this came off of a late 80' Bayliner boat with an OMC engine, which is simply a Ford 2.3 and it uses a turbo head with the open chambers and a D port intake. I think these are another source for turbo heads. I can't wait to start porting, bigger vlaves and my Boport 1.5 cam set up in it. It has an RFE6 or RF E8 number on it, hard to read the crappy casting, but no cracks.
1988 Turbo Coupe, Black/Black, 5 Speed, Moonroof,  T3/T4 50 trim, ported E6, 255LPH, BBK AFPR, 3" DP dual 2.5" w Hooker Maxflows, MGW shifter, K&N, Gillis valve, RR cam
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Very cool find and no cracks is a bonus!

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