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Found a Supplier for Hood Insulation for 87-88 Turbocoupes
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To all 87-88 Turbocoupe Owners,

I have contacted a supplier of replacement Hood Insulations for the regular 87-88 Tbird to see if they could make the ones for the Turbocoupes. They send me samples of their materials & after speaking with them on the phone, they may be able to assist us in getting some made. They can provide use with two types - Flat & Molded - but their are conditions for this to happen.

The Flat one would be made from either 1/2 or 1 inch Fiberglass material like the original, but it be molded like the original. I would send them one of the original ones I have to make the necessary holes for mounting & cut-outs for the hood ducting & hood light. Theses can be done very easily for around $25.00 each plus shipping.

The Molded one would require some additional time to be done. This would require an alluminum mold to be made wich would be used to compress 4 or 5 inches of glue & fiberglass into the molded hood insulation like the original. The problem with this one is it would cost between $100-150 & require an inital order/commitment of 200-250 units.

While I would prefer the molded over the flat, I understand that many here would rather spend the money on going faster rather than having the correct hood insulation. I told the supplier I would call them back to get a gauge of how everyone felt, so I'm asking everyone to put their 2 cents in. This is the closest we are every gonna get to reproduceing the original hood insulation, so let me know what you think or if someone else knows of someone who can do this.

Tony Sceia
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She looks so SWEET. Now I need to make some more HP & make the engine look good.

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cheap one. id buy one.

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I would take one of each. Just put me down for one when you order. 200-250 will be hard to get that many of us.
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I would definately go for one of the cheap ones.

Nick Johnson
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I don't know what Ford used to charge for the original ones. I paid about $160 or so for the one I got abour 3 years ago. I agree that I don't think you are going to get 200-250 people to commit to a molded one but I don't consider $100 unreasonable and $150 isn't bad for what they have to do to make them.
Pete Dunham


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I'll take one or the other. Let me know when you need the money.

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My Son paid $72.98 for his 6/9/97. He had a little bit of a discount with that.
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Put me in for one of the cheap ones!

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Thanks Ron, always wondered about that.
Pete Dunham


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I would spring for the $25 one. Thanks Tony.

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