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Found a rare one...
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I was out making sales calls and decided to take some side streets to learn the area.
I ended up in somewhat of a depressed area, with the obligatory 3rd-gen Camaro on cinder blocks (no lie).

What else did I see?
An '85-'86 XR-7 with a 5-speed. I would estimate that the car has been sitting for several years, based on the fact that the bead has been separated from some of the tires.
It kills me to see something like this.

Pictures are attached. Note the 1st-gen Tempo/Topaz wheels and optional window delete.
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Joe_T Offline
What a waste............
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Might not be that bad. I'd almost bet it hasn't' been in that spot more than 2 years.
Pete Dunham


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I'll bet that the owners have no use for it if it's been sitting for a long time like that. They'd probably sell it cheap. Looks like it has a lot of potential.
Gary Fraser

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Even if the car is a total loss body wise. I'll bet you good money that the engine is fine.

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i got one for sell....

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