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Found a needle in a
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Went to the junkyard Saturday and found a 140 speedo Smile .....How hard are the bulbs to locate? I would like to replace them before i put the cluster back in..Also can i change the odometer to match my old one unless its not worth the trble?? As a side not i also pickd up a leather shift knob with "TURBO' on it..And several other ocs i needed ALL FOR 25 BUCKS!!!! Not to bad IMO...Im still learning my way around with the TC as i just got it in June..
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Great find! I could look thru every JY here and would not find a T-bird let alone a T/C.
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See what Marin0660 says here:

or see the reply just before martin's or just after. Take your pick.
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Let me see....a shift knob with the embossing still readable and a 140 MPH speedo for $25? I think you just used up all your good luck for the next couple of years! I wouldn't bother with switching out the odometers, it easy to adjust the odometer reading if you pull the speedo unit out of the cluster housing. The link that Pete posted explains how. The last time I checked, the bulbs were still available at Auto Zone, #194. When handling the speedo out of the housing, be careful not to touch the face, fingerprints are very hard to clean off without damaging the matte finish. I recommend using latex gloves to keep everything clean including the clear bezel when working on the cluster.

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