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So I stopped in to a local Ford dealership who is really good at finding me parts. The parts manager told me that if a part hasn't been ordered for a vehicle in 8 years worldwide, that part is discontinued. Not sure if its true but it sounds legit. Just wanted everyone to have a heads up.
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Manufacturers are required to have all service / replacement parts available for 10 years after a model is produced. After 10 years, they are free to discontinue parts. Most TC specific parts have been obsoleted for years. Many of the TC parts still available are common with other cars, often Mustangs, or some dealers have dusty parts still sitting on the shelf in a back room.
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+1 jeff
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not so true anymore, i dont know if the rule is in effect anymore. i know i just went to get a focus spring at work the other day for a 03, and the part isnt avalible anymore because the vendor went out of business.

any i know the same thing has happened when i had to work on some geo's as used cars. hard to find/ get parts at only 8 or 9 years old.
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