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For those of you using the Forge(or any) BOV...a ??
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Just got my Forge BOV in the mail today,nice piece.Only problem is,it didn't come with a fitting to weld on to my I/C piping.The last valve I bought (junk) came with a 1" fitting,so I am not sure where to find one.Can they be bought by themself?What else could be used in place of one?The last one I got just looked like a piece of anodized pipe,is that all they are?

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I don't think they're anything special.

You could easily make your own with a short piece of steel tubing.

If you're running high boost, maybe slap the fitting in a bead roller, or run a bead of weld around one end to help hold your hosing, if applicable.

I can't say I've dealt with your situation though, I went with a simple DSM Gen1 valve. Had a buddy cut a 1" hole in the piping and weld the 2-bolt flange directly to it. Bolted'er down and was done.


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