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foggy headlights
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i am wanting to buy aftermarket headlights for 88 t-bird nos to expensive

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I've never seen any aftermarket lights for our cars.... that being said there is good info on this site for re-doing your headlights . or putting a clear plastic cover on your headlight housing to have clear headlights.... mustang headlights are very close but not the same fit... too bad no one makes them for our cars
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The original ones can be "restored" if they are not cracked or destroyed. You would have to gently work the lens off of the reflector in order to polish it out. One of the over counter headlight restore kits work great as it has all the sand paper and rubbing compounds in it. The refelctor would have to get sent out and re-chromed by a shop which re chromes plastic. I have sent out pieces before from other cars to re chrome and they come out great. Once all finished, seal the lens back in place and you have a set of new lights. Unless you find an NOS set, this is about as good as your going to get.
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you could try LEDs headlights (I found that they have a ton of scatter) or retrofit some HID projectors inside the housings.

here's my thread when I tried some high end LED headlights in my 87-88 headlight housings:

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