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FMIC and Coolant overflow tank location
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Had to remove the old overflow tank to get the FMIC installed. 
The old tank had no where to go since it was too tall plus it had a crack and leaked a little.
So picked up a 10 dollar tank and was able to mount it to the bottom of the battery tray with 2 bolts, 
it's tucked up under the battery and the cap is a little hard to get too but it is doable. 
I also zipped tied the power steering lines to it to keep them from getting to close to the pulley.

Took it for a high speed test and worked good plus no speeding ticket LOL !

May cut some of the battery tray to make it easier to get to the cap, Plus I still need to bolt down the smaller
battery since the bigger one would not fit because of the charge pipe.

[img][Image: P1060326_zpsrqumiujw.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: P1060325_zpsyce0ruv5.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: P1060324_zpsfjnna9k6.jpg][/img]
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For the overflow tube on the tank you might want to put a hose or something with a loop up to the top of the radiator level. I am wondering if you overheated and overflowed that the flow would siphon the coolant from the system with it mounted so low.
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Good One !

I was planning on doing that with a better fitting hoses cause I don't like the clear plastic one.

My IAT temps are now 50 degree's C cooler now with the FMIC but now I'm having compressor surge while using the
Stinger 1 inch BOV so I'm going with a bigger/adjustable one. I think with the added volume of the FMIC the inch BOV is just too small to vent ?
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5 speed Boosting 25 PSI with Boport/Stinger parts !

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