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Flywheel turning.
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Well,I just did my clutch last August..and it took a shit again today. [Image: mad.gif] Naturally,I don't have time to get a good one from Scott shipped to me before Carlisle so I am letting the store warantee this one out for a new one.When I did it in August,I replaced the pilot bearing,clutch,pressure plate,throwout bearing,clutch fork,slave cylinder and had the flywheel turned.When I do it tomorrow,I plan on leaving the pilot bearing and fork there and replacing everything else.If there are no real heat marks or cracks in the flywheel,should I have it turned AGAIN??The guy at the shop said he didn't think it had ever been turned before now and I told him to only turn much as he absolutely needed,but I am afraid of getting to thin on it.I am attempting to find a new flywheel somewhere in town,but all I have found is one at Advance for $55,but when I called,he said he couldn't find one for a 5 speed only 5 speed listed.THEN he had the BALLS to ask me....are you sure it's not an automatic???? [Image: mad.gif] [Image: mad.gif] [Image: mad.gif]Needless to say I am skeptic about prepaying for a "flywheel" from them and then sitting on my ass for 2 days waiting for them to special order it only to get there and pick up my FLEXPLATE. [Image: rolleyes.gif] many times can I turn my stock one before I am required to shim it,and if I do,how do I know how many to use?Hopefully I won't need to and I will find a flywheel in town somewhere(fingers crossed)Any help here would be appreciated guys,thanx!

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I think Gary S found the shims on the NAPA web site. I also saw them in a Goodson catalog or on their site. It's been awhile but I think????? they come in 0.025" and 0.050" thickness.

Napa #s are BK 6002702 (0.025") and BK 6002703 (0.050". $9.49 set

Not sure if this link will work or not:

What I haven't been able to find is a spec for the original thickness of a flywheel so that what has been removed could be calculated.

MD has the billet aluminum flywheel for only $449.95 [Image: biggrin.gif]
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Considering the age, I'm assuming high mileage and the fact that it has been turned once, I would really try to get a new one. Here is the part information for the flywheel.

Part: Flywheel (All New)
Part #: 50-703
Cost: $49.98
Purchased: Advance Auto Parts
Supplier: Perfection Clutch
Notes: Made in China. (Same part is sold at both NAPA and Advance Auto). Only normal auto parts stores I could find that could get me a new flywheel.

Call around, someone will have it. Don't forget to loctite those flywheel bolts.

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