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floor repair panels?
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With my driver's seat sticking through the floor I thinks it's time for a repair panel but havn't been able to find a supplier on the web. Is this going to be a dealer item only? Thanks
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you cant buy replacement panels from the dealership, Im 95% sure on that. Your best bet is to go to a junk yard and cut up a cougar or other tbird from 83-88. and weld it in that way.

Since the seat pedistool (spelling) is welded to the floor you will need to drill the spot welds. remove that and then replace the pieces of floor. When you go to the yard get as big a piece as possible this way you have enough metel to work with. DO NOT replace as a hole chunk b/c it weakens the body structure on unibody cars. your best bet is to cut out whats bad and replace. Leave as much of the original metel as possible.

there are two ways you can replace pans overlap or butt weld. Over lapping is easy but people say isnt as longer lasting b/c moisture tends to hide in the void space from the old and new pan. If you seal it good I dont think you will have a problem. Butt welding is harder b/c you fill in the space between the two pieces. it is easier to blow thru.

When welding be careful not to warp the floor b/c it will happen very easy. think of a square do the middle of each side and then cut that in half and move around with time to cool b/c it will push and pull the metel. when you have it almost filled in you can then finish it all up. clean it and prime it right away dont let it sit over night.

Measure 5 times and cut once!

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