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floor repair
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discovered why my driver's seat has a sag in it, the floor has cracked and the seat is pushing out the bottom. That steel is thin! Even when I get it welded I'm sure it will be prone to do it again. I noticed at the bone yard, cars with electric seats don't have this problem. I think the steel box the electric seat sits on spreads the load enough. My idea of a repair solution is to spread a new sheet of steel on the inside and sub frame connectors with seat rails, on the outside. Make a sandwich of the cracked floor pan. I would use the electric seat base but my head hits the liner. Anyone else have a solution?
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If you are referring to the floor cracking at the back mounting points one solution would be to weld up the crack and seal it then tack weld a 3/32" strip as long as between the seat studs plus about 1 1/2", about 3" wide with 2 holes drilled in for the rear mounting studs. If in front, same thing only holes for the bolts. That should spead the weight over a wide enough area to prevent further cracking. Did this on a Fox car, no further problem.
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