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Flex pipe placement...
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I picked up a 3" section of flex pipe for the Turbo Coupe as I read it takes some of the tension off of the turbo and the header. Right now have a factory IHI but have a T3/T4 to go on it and not sure if the factory support will fit with the factory manifold. What does everyone say for placement on the downpipe? thanks for any inputs.
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My thought would be to put it in the DP pretty close to the turbo.

The factory turbo support bracket fit perfectly with a T3 upgrade. FYI, a "trick" to make the factory support bracket easier to install: Use a cutoff wheel to cut the two holes that attach the bracket to the turbo thru to the ends of the bracket, making them into a "U" shape with an open end. Then you can install the turbo, and just slide the bracket on the 2 lower turbo mounting studs.
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See for the bracket mods
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