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Fixed power antenna today.
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Well, my power antenna stopped going up and down. I could hear the motor spinning when I pressed the switch, so I did some research on the fix. If you can hear the motor, than the plastic mast inside the antenna is probably broken.

This is what I did.....

First I double checked to make sure I in fact could hear the antenna motor.

Second I tapped the antenna support off with a screwdriver and then took a deep 14mm socket and unscrewed the antenna securing bolt so that I could pull the antenna mast out.
Sure enough when I pulled the mast out it was broken.

Then I turned the steering wheel all the way to the left so that I had access to the inner fender plastic panel. You dont have to take the entire panel out-just make enough room so that you can access the antenna. I order to partially remove the inner fender panel, I had to remove 3 phillips screws holding the inner fender plastic. One is along the fender and two under/near the door.

I unbolted the 8mm bolt holding complete antenna to the the body. I then maneuvered it enough so that I could get that round plastic section off. Its held on by a 7mm nut in the middle. I opened it up and took out all the broken pieces of the mast. Put it back together and bolted it back into place.

I then went to the jy and bought just the antenna mast. Easy to remove, just take the securing ring off the antenna by tapping the ring counter clockwise with screwdriver. Then unscrewed the antenna nut with a deep socket 14mm(you will see it when you look straight down into antenna. It should pull straight up with about 1.5' of plastic mast. You can get them of the Lincoln Marl VII or any Tbird with power antenna. It cost me a whopping $4.

I fed the antenna in while I had someone press the antenna "down" button. It fed itself in and now I have a working power antenna for a whopping $6 in cost($2 admission and $4 mast).

It was super easy and took about 30 minutes. I didnt have to remove the wheel or even jack the car up off the ground.

Hope this helps someone out.

Now if you cant hear the antenna motor when you press the antenna switch, you will have to replace the entire antenna. Still easy though, just a little more expensive
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Good info. My antenna motor works but the antenna doesn't move. Sounds like a easy fix. Thanks.
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Good write up Chip.
Pete Dunham


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Good write up. We should add it to the FAQ.
Jeff Korn

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Working on it Jeff.
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A copy of this has been placed in the FAQs;

Pete Dunham


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