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Fixed power antenna
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I don't know if anyone has tried this before.. seen plenty of replacement threads when I searched. We had some ice this winter, and like a dope, I tried to move my antenna down while it was still covered in ice.. needless to say, it snapped the plastic cord. I had to remove the fender to fix(ed hopefully) a water leak, so I took a shot at the antenna. It works, so far.

This should be mostly correct since I did this just a few hours ago.

- Remove nut at top (I used needle nose pliers) and bottom bolt attaching antenna.
- Unplug power wire for more working room (I never did find a way to completely remove without going into the cabin to remove the antenna cord)
- One 7mm nut, in the center, holds the circular cord cover on.
- Pay close attention to catch the washers that will fall out when the internal cord cover pops after removing the outer cover, and the cord unwinds. Also, make sure you keep the o-ring for the outer cover.
- The white cover simply lifts out.
- An e-clip holds the gear in place. After removing this, make sure to keep track of the shims from underneath the clip.
- Remove the large white center gear.
- At this point, you'll probably have already found the break in the cord, if this was your problem. Note which end is broken for a few moments later.
- Undo the three phillips screws holding the lower retainer, at the top of the antenna. I marked mine to note orientation.
- Remove the 14mm nut on top.
- You can now pull the antenna mast from the assembly. The stop sleeve will pull with the antenna. Either set this aside or make sure it stays at the bottom of the antenna with tape or something similar. Don't forget to put it back!
- I stuck the antenna, lightly, in a vise while gripping the cord, upside down.
- I used my Blue-Point butane soldering iron with the hot-air tube on the end. It gets sufficiently hot to melt the plastic. This is the hard part.. I ended up snapping it twice more after I fixed it and had to do this two more times. The second time was perfect.. the final was not. You'll need to try to get the tooth alignment correct when you melt it back together, if it snapped somewhere the gear will grab. Mine broke just above, that.. or I trimmed enough off after fixing it twice more that the fixed area never gets to the gear. You may consider a similar approach. I did not check extended length.. but mine does max out and retract, so it's not too short.
- Test fit the ends to make sure you have the correct ends pointing together and bring the ends to meet. I kept the heat moving around the break until the plastic turns clear. At this point, it melted together nicely and I pushed it together enough so it mushroomned and removed about one tooth usability. The 2nd and 3rd time I filed the ends to approx get the final lengths I wanted. 2nd time was great, until I snapped it putting it back in. 3rd time I had a tooth gap.
- Hold the cord together until the plastic turns white again, and it cools.
- Small files were used to bring the joint back to size and it put teeth/gaps back where they belonged.
- Time to reinstall. I had a time getting the cord to enter the gear cavity again as the end hugged the wall with the pressure of the curvature it had. The last time, a little bit of force with a twist pushed it into the hole.. the other times I used a pick to center the cord tip and get it in the hole.
- Be careful when feeding the cord/antenna and don't let it snap like I did Sad
- Line the cord up into the small lower wheel and around the bottom of the cavity and reinstall the gear. I added some lube, at this point.
- Reinstall the shims and e-clip.
- Reinstall the white cover.
- Make sure the o-ring is on the outside cover and set it aside.
- This part requires some finesse. The cord needs to be rewound and put back into the black cord keeper. I started with the end and pulled it back as a coil. It took both hands to accomplish. Don't let go when you get it on there.
- Reinstall the washers.
- Reinstall the outer cover, hopefully without letting the inner cover pop.
- Reinstall the top stop-sleeve if you had set it aside.
- Reinstall the nut and tighten.
- Reinstall the 14mm nut.
- Reinstall the lower retainer to the top of the antenna.
- Reinstall antenna. Don't forget the power cord.

Maybe someone will find this useful.
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