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Fixed my PRC and solved the great pedal delima!!!!
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Ok... the PRC on my new 88TC was broke. I replaced the bad acuator and it works now! It is pretty damn cool but now what I expected. At least the car does not "float" on the back roads anymore. There is also a way better feel on the road.

Ok next thing... I have been pissing and moaning about the pedals in my 88 being to close together, well while I was sitting in my 87 parts car I noticed the pedals were spaced further apart. I sat down in the car and about creamed my pants... then ot occured to me that I never had a probelem with the pedals in my 87, even though I only drove the car for a few short months.

errrr things are going to good.... I know I am gonna break something at the track rext friday. I sure hope not however.

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Glad things are workin' out for you. So your goin' to Dinwittie Fri night??.......Huummm

Four 1988 Turbo Coupes .....
yea one of em has a 5.0 And runs 13.1s.. uhhh make that [email protected] with a
80hp shot of nitrous. Yep, I'll be goin for 11s.
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You bet Tom...friday the 10th. Hey can I borrow those drag radials you have on the snowflakes [Image: smile.gif] hehe joking.... we sorta. Hope to see you there man.

I got a lot planned for the car this week... I hope I can get most, if not all of it done.

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