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Fixed my abs
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Hi, i just fixed at last my abs after 7 years of being disabled, and it feel great!
I had three wire bad, and the front right sensor bad also. The left rear sensor is still missing, but what i have done is that i spliced the wires of that wheel to the working right rear wheel, and the system work good and the computer is happy with that.

Hope this little trick will help someone in the same situation as me.

To get the codes, go in the trunk, unbolt the 10 mm screw on the right metal panel, then you will find the scanner plug hidden there below the abs computer, i have a old cheap 10$ scanner. Put the ignition key to on and turn on and off the canner to get all the codes, codes go out one at the time, not like the codes from the engine computer.
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ive been thinking about doing this, since there is only one brake line and one set of valves for the rear. so if both signals are the same it wont matter. good idea. im gonna try this on my 87.
thanks for the confirming this!
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