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First car show - class winner
Mike N Offline
You guys have seen my Black/Raven 1987 Turbo coupe I purchased recently.

I entered it in a car show here at work (Ford), and I won "class winner" in my class (late model Ford). There were about 75-80 cars at the show.

I didn't expect it, so I was stoked!!

Got a "class winner" trophy, and a few high fives from my buddies here.

I also met the 2nd owner of my Turbo Coupe at the car show. His buddy who had done a lot of wrenching on the car came up to me and said "thats Greg R.'s car, isn't it". I said "in fact it was". He said "well, Greg will be here in about 15 minutes".

When I met Greg at the show, I could tell he was bummed he got rid of the car. He is driving a Taurus now. His wife made him get rid of it, as she couldn't push in the clutch (Centerforce).

I learned a lot of the history of my car at this car show in talking to the previous owner and his mechanic buddy.

turbo d Offline
Sweet deal man. Congrats!
no trophy pics?

darkthunder Offline
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Wow, that's awesome!
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Joe F Offline
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Nice. My wife won't push in JR's clutch; not that she can't, she won't. Refuses to learn to drive a stick, and I'm not about to tell her what she's missing; I might loose my baby if she discovers how much fun she's missing!

Congrats on the Best of Class!
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Pete D Offline
Congratulation Mike, that's great.
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Gary S Offline
This is how it all Congratulations on that first trophy. I am sure there will be many more to follow but that first one is always the best one. Keep up the good work.
Gary S
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Footintim Offline
Unfortunatly for me My wife loves to drive my stick. err drive stick. err this is not going well you get the idea...

FLSTCI71 Offline
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Congrats!! You have to post some pics. I think that's one of the rules - "Win a trophy, post some pics".
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Dan S Offline
Nice going on the first Trophy! It's a great feeling, isn't it! Wink Keep up the good work!
Dan S
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Mike N Offline
I'll get a couple pics posted, took this morning.


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