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fiberglass trunklid/ weight removal
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Does anyone know the weight of an 88tc trunklid? And has anyone replaced theirs with a fiberglass one? Just wondering because I'm trying to get my car as light as possible, and this seems like a reasonably cheap mod. Try doing a search on ebay for thunderbird decklid. Is anyone familar with these guys, or their products?

I'm kinda torn whether or not I want to do this. I'd like to know just how much weight I'd be looking to loose, if I removed the trunklid, hinges, torsion rods, etc. Any guesses?

After checking things out on my car, it seems pretty easy, I guess I'm just trying to decide if I want to deal with the pin-on setup. It's not that I'd be getting into my trunk very much, I suppose its more of a styling thing, and a cash/amount of time spent on project vs. payoff/reward.

I know there's a few people on here that have put their cars on diets, just wondering how far everyone has gone? any ideas Turbo Coupe? we talked briefly last month about weight removal, and the c spring debate just got me thinking.


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I seen those too.I think that the deck lid would not weigh too much,I guess it would be good if you were putting your car on a strict diet and removing as much wieght as possible.
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you cant bolt it to the hinges? I would hate to have to use pins I think that would look stupid. plus with a daily driver people just pull the pins and have access to the trunk without a lock.

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If your car is ever used for anything but racing then I wouldn't recommend it. Look into a fiberglass hood first. A FG hood and some 83-86 non spring loaded hinges should knock some weight off. You'll have to use a prop rod, but if you keep the spring-loaded hinges you'll have to find weaker springs so the hood doesn't buckle and so the weight is counteracted properly.
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