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Fiberglass hoods, feedback...?
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Just was reading over the following link and wondering if anyone had actually ever bought a hood and wanted some feedback and comments Smile
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I got a hood from US Body. Its a nice well made part. It fits well and isn't going to need a lot of work to be ready to paint. I also got a trunk lid from Harry Glass. Its a race car part and will need some work to be made to last on the street.

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I am also running the US Body hood. It's a cowl hood but not open in the back, although it could be cut open if need be. What attracted me was the finished quality, very nicely done, and still lighter than the stock hood (which, BTW, is surprisingly lighter than expected). Had to use modified hood hinges though; running 1984-86 style with Mark VII spring bolt-on helpers.

I've talked to people that have used virtually every one of those hoods listed on that page. All seem to like them, although quality and fit/finish is sometimes not so good on lower-priced hoods. There are also race (pin-on) and street versions...buyer beware...
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