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Felpro Turbocharger Mounting Set
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This is the Felpro Turbocharger mounting Set that includes several gaskets including the metal embossed gasket for between the turbo and the exhaust manifold. The kit number is ES 72811. Any place that handles Felpro should be able to order it.

Below is a list of what is in the kit and the individual Felpro part numbers.

* 2503 - Embossed manifold (turbo to exh manifold, metal gasket).
* 92622 - Turbo flange for the oil return line.
* 92960 - turbo to throttle body (this is for the 83-86 cars w/o inter cooler.)
*93848 - oil return line (the reason there are two different gaskets listed is that the T3 and the IHI turbos take a different gasket.)
* 9398 - air inlet connector (I think this is the one for the inlet tube on the front of the compressor housing. It works with either turbo (T3 or IHI) because the inlet tubes are the same size at the mating face. I'm using an IHI inlet on my T3.)

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felpro #es72811 turbo mounting kit 5 gaskets in box
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