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Fel-pro 1035
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Is the Fel-pro 1035 head gasket thick than a regualr Fel-pro head gasket? IF so how much would this effect cyclinder compression. A local here told me its a common problem he sees is that on a weak motor people that install this gasket have even lower compression causing the motor to run very poorly. Is this possible? What are your thoughts?

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I don't know what the thickness of it is and I have not heard that response before. The only cautionary thing I have heard is the head and block surfaces need to be real flat for the 1035.

There have been lots of HG discussions at TF. Might want to look around there
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tf = , incase you were wondering
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The thickness of the 1035 is .041. There are so many myths, urban legends, and just flat worng info about this gasket, I dont know where to start.

Its all I will run, I have never decked a block or a head, and I've never blow one. The T-bird went 13.09 with one, and my Capri went 12.59 with one. I've rattled both engines bad, and never popped it, or broke a piston, or a ring. I geuss it really makes them run bad. That or else I'm lucky, iy cant be the tuning Wink

Bob Myers

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Bob isnt the 1035 compressed from the factory?

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Quote:Originally posted by trashline:
Bob isnt the 1035 compressed from the factory?
Sort of, the 1035 has a pre-flattend fire ring. It still compresses when torqued (splitting hairs) The ring is so hard, I doubt you could flatten it withour distorting the deck, but that is speculation. Its a healthy fire ring if you have ever seen one.

Bob Myers

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I actually just installed mine about 3-4 months ago. Runs like a dream. Compression is 155 across all when cold. Its safe to say its a much better gasket in all aspects. I don't think the little bit of extra CC's you're gonna get would affect anything. If its running shitty its not because the gakset is maybe an extra .010 thicker. It wouldn't be enough to make the compression any less to where it would change the entire performance of the engine. If you're having an issue after installing it, it's not the head gasket.
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I use a 1035 on my 170k motor....and like Bob I have rattled the engine a few times...
I hate the cost but I have never blown a headgasket when using it.

If you are not trying to make any big power...the stock HG would be fine

Hey Bob congrats on the 12's from the capri.
I sometimes think of switching to a notch mustang with the 2.3turbo engine.... But I really like my cougar.... :-)

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i used to always run the 1035 (i havnt done a head gasket in 3 years) but im about to use the 8993in the current build up. i had isseus with head gaskets popping every three months using the 1035, then switched to the 8993, and then i cracked a piston so i swapped in another motor (used untoched, just dropepd it in) which i drove for a year or so then popped the gasket ( a 1035) and replaced it with another 1035. which is stil going even with the lower end knock and such, so its what ever,
1035 is thicker with pre flatteend ring. use the 1035 with a milled block and head,
use a 8993 for the "not so prefect" head and block and for the on a budget build.
im usign the 8993 for now as im only building a lower end now and wil be swapping on a 1035 with i get a ported head and upper end
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