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Fast and Slow?
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Is anyones car slow one day, and fast somtimes. Somtimes it hauls and somtimes it's slow, my other one did this, why is this?
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Do you always run the same grade of gasoline from the same station? A bad tank of gas can cause detonation, which the EEC combats by retarding timing (by a total of 7 degrees, I beleive). Under WOT when the car is only running about 30º total ignition advance (base ignition timing + computer controlled timing), 7º is quite noticeable. Try disconnecting your knock sensor (be SURE to run premium gas and a safe amount of boost if you choose to do this) and see if you notice a difference.

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Outside air temperqture can have a big effect on how they run. Cold = good, hot = not as good.

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Heat & Humidity are the two biggest negative factors on a 2-3T motor.
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Same here, it's really weird. The power difference is especially noticeable if I suddenly punch it in second gear. Sometimes it'll shove me back in my seat, other times it doesn't pull nearly as hard.

A good tuneup helps if it's really starting to lose power, but some variation seems to be pretty much normal.
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