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Failing charging system connector results in ignition miss
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Just wanted to post a FYI I ran across when troubleshooting an ignition miss on the 84 TC I inherited from my mom when a stroke robbed her of the ability to drive.

The miss had been happening for a little over a year, sporadically, and nearly always after the engine had warmed up. I read a lot here about the PIP and TFI and reviewed my mom's service records, which showed two replacements over the years (she's the original owner).

Finally, a few weeks ago, I noted the miss had disappeared; however, coming home one night shortly thereafter, I noticed that the charging system had failed and the battery was discharging. I can tell you exactly how far a TC can run with a severely discharged battery [Image: smile.gif] Without lights [Image: biggrin.gif] It died about 1/2 mile from home (drove about 25 miles) and, when I came back with the truck to jump it, I noted that the main altenator wire had seperated at the wiring harness connector. I bypassed the connector with a piece of 10 guage, which solved the charging system problem.

What I'm noting, now that this has been repaired, is that the miss is gone. Combining that finding with the miss also disappearing a couple of days before the battery died, I'm surmising the alternator wire was shorting for a long time and finally broke completely at that time, which stabilized the electrical system, though in a state of slow discharge.

Hope my experience helps someone who's been chasing down an anomolous ignition system gremlin. One more nuance to add to the mix...

Thanks for the great info over the last couple years... !


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