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Factory turbo brace
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do i even need that thing? ive seen alot of pics of turbos installed on these cars, adn that bracket is no wheres to be seen....
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Some don't use it, some do. Bear in mind that these cars are made by the least cost method. With that in mind, do you think that Ford motor Co would go to the expense and trouble to manufacture the brackets, buy the tools and pay people to install them just because they look good hanging on a peg in the garage? Note that at least one of the guys making aftermarket headers recommends they be used.

See the picture. The bracket can be modified to make it a little easier to work with. You can grind down the wrap around flange in the area where the red circle is. This makes wrench work easier. If you notch out the hole in the bottom into an inverted "U", it will make it easier to work with also. 1.jpg
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I still use the bracket in all my cars except Layla, as she has my new IC hoses that are MORE then stiff enough to hold it up. 1400 trouble free, hi-boost, gear-changing, tire squealing miles.

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