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Factory Radio Replacement
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These are some questions for the the stereo buffs in the crowd. When you replace the stock radio in the 87 TC with an aftermarket Radio/CD player does the equalizer have to come out also or is it just an even for radio? Also, does the stock opening where the stock radio sits have to modified in any way when the replacement radio has a detachable faceplate? Next question...can the replacement radio/CD player be recessed any deeper into the dash........lets say another 1/2 inch?
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My 1st replacement used the stock amp, the sound really sucked so I disconnected it. My 2nd replacement is 200 watts and sounds real nice without any amp, of course I don't need subs or choose to annoy people with fender rattling noise Big Grin . The OE radios are very low wattage and needed an amp. Any single din radio should fit nicely. I bought the one that I have partialy because it fits nicely without sticking out of the dash and has a brushed silver trim like our dash has. I replaced 4 speakers and still use the stock dish speakers, but they are coming out soon.
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Gary, I forgot to mention that you don't need the equalizer with the newer radios.
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Replacing the factory "Premium Sound" radio will require the removal (or at least disconnection) of both the factory equalizer and the "premium sound" amp behind the back seat. The output of the radio feeds the equalizer, which then sends the front and back left and right signals to amp.

Likely the radio you get will have more output power than the factory system did, and it will also have a better (possibly parametric) equalizer as well. If you want to make use of the existing speaker wires, the EVTM has them listed. I could look them up if you don't have the info but it would be tonight at the earliest. PM me if you need the info.

My suggestion (if you still have the original speakers) is to install new ones, and also run new dedicated speaker wires at the same time.

Just my 2¢ worth, HIH.
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Be sure to check the amps on your system. My 83 had an 'upgrade' radio when I got it. The upgrade was an 4 amp system, the original ford system was 6. All the expert installers did was twist the wires together. It fried everything! None of the original can be used now, I'll have to install a complete independent system if I want sound. I don't know about the 87 but please check for compatability of your new components.
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Anyone have a good working radio cassett with good led and led bulb?
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