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Exhaust Sensor question
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I am making my own wiring harness and need some help.
On the exhaust sensor there are three wires with a black one in the middle and a white wire on each side of it.
The wiring diagram shows there should be a black with white wire that goes to battery negative.
Also showing a light colored ( very light green possibly) that goes to the ignition switch. I assume that goes to battery positive.
And thirdly, there is a dark green with light green wire that goes to pin # 29 of the ECU.
I believe the middle black goes to battery negative but which of the whites goes to the pin #29 and which to the ignition switch.
I don’t have a car here as reference so if anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.
Thank you,

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I solved the riddle above but have another wiring question.
I have no spark but have checked all the wiring color codes. The problem seems to be the TFI but may be something else. I removed the integrated relay system that was salvaged from an 87 Turbocoupe. I suspected it could be wrong because the fuel pump did not work either. The pump now works but still have no spark.
I will try to attach a diagram that was sent to me as being from the Ford a Motor Co. The colors of the wires on this diagram are in a different order than from a shop manual.
My TFI is wired as follows:
Top connection Dark blue to pin #pin #56
2nd Yellow / light green to pin #36
3rd. Red / light blue to ignition switch
4th. Red / light green to ignition switch
5th. Dark green / yellow to coil
6th. Black / orange to pin #56

This is the same color order on an older TFI pigtail.

The order on the Ford M Co diagram below is :
Top. Red / green
2nd Red / blue
3rd. Yellow / light green
4th. Black / orange
5th. Dark blue
6th. Dark green / yellow

I wonder, what may happen if I change to the lower color order.

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I wanted to share a site I found that could help many of you. It is called:

I found it while getting help from folks on turbobird. Turbobird has become one of my favorite places to go to discuss the 2.3 turbo engine I am using on my project.

Thanks to you all.

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Cool Cullen, thanks for the website tip.
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