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Exhaust Question.
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I was looking on Modern Performance last night and found a Stage 3 exhaust system for $640.00. They say that it will flow up to 300+ hp. My question is how much HP will I get from it on a stock TC.
Thanks guys.

What exactly are they offering for that price. For alot less you could have a suitable non stailess steel system that flows equally well.

3" downpipe from Sac mustang, No cat or 3" high flow, 3" straight through muffler (dynomax ultraflow).

With a t3 or larger turbo that will easily flow 300 hp.

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I thought that Modern Performance only sold Merkur XR4Ti exhaust systems. That is what they specialize in Merkur and Viper performance.
I just used the Tiny Avenger short 3" dp and Walker 45 degree bends, a walker 6' straight 3" piece and an over the axle pipe that was desinged for a I believe a Dodge truck. It is 3" straight through mandrel bent system with a Dynomax ultra flow muffler. This system can flow 2200cfm. The exhaust system only really flows as good as the muffler. The dynomax super turbo only flows 550cfm. Big flow difference but it is quieter.

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I would get in touch w/ them. The last time I spoke w/ them they had stopped doing any exhausts other than Merkur . I liked the stage 2 I had on the XR4, but you can piece togther a good system using other bits, starting w/ a 3" DP.


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