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Exhaust opinions needed ASAP.
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Since my stockish y- pipe decided to break this week, I need to quiet the car down, Again.

I was pulled over last night for loud exhaust, and I have 5 days to fix it, or get 125 bucks worth of ticket.

Current Setup: Stock Downpipe, slightly larger Y pipe to Flowmaster 2.5" mufflers to mustang LX stainless pipes with tips.

The Y-pipe broke right after the flange to the cat converter/downpipe junction.

Since money is real tight right now, I'm thinking this may be the way to go:

Automatic Mid-pipe, or mandrel bent 2.5" equivalent, to a cheap straiht through oval muffler to the existing drivers side LX pipe. Remove the pass-side pipe and flowmaster for now, and since I'm going to toss the flowmasters anyway, and EVENTUALLY (read within two years) do the Stinger 3"DP, mid, and y with ultraflow SS mufflers to the existing pipes. I'll save the passengers side LX pipe and just toss both the mufflers. I would like to think that ditching the dual 2.5 flowmasters and going with a single high flow muffler would be the best performing system until I can get the money for an upgrade.

Thoughts? This way I'd only have to buy a muffler and a mid-pipe..... for now. The car is driven daily until the snow starts flying. I'm hoping to get some recommendations by tomorrow so i can schedule the shop time.
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I like your idea.
Keep it simple, fast, and practical.
Downpipe, cat, glasspack or bullet-style muffler, side-pipe. = Done.

Rock and Roll.

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just have a shop weld up what you have. a good exhaust shop can get it sealed up good enough to last till winter, and it shouldnt be more than $20 or $30...

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Yeah, i suppose I could do that. I guess I just needed a cheap excuse to ditch the flowmasters LOL

I don't know if it will actually hold though, as it is pretty rusty for a few inches in either direction, and thin as hell.
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Quote:Originally posted by Spooler87:
Automatic Mid-pipe, or mandrel bent 2.5" equivalent, to a cheap straiht through oval muffler to the existing drivers side LX pipe. Remove the pass-side pipe and flowmaster for now,
the DP->muffler pipe really is a simple one, no real need for mandrel here IMO espec. if looking for cheap/quick.

u didnt mention cat.. some muff shops wont work on it w/o cat

locally for me, that fix you described would cost 80-100$ including a budget muffler

since the DP is 2.25" too.. it's not like you need HUGE flow downstream
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I cut my exhaust right after the downpipe curved, hooked my muffler up to that with exhaust clamps, bolted a bar from both sides of the driveshafts into the floorboard. Hung the exhaust from there and bought pieces 2 1/2 pipe from autozone and finagled it to dump at the exhaust with another hanger. I bought the metal hanger and you have to make sure you do not hang the Muffler with the hanger DIRECTLY bolted to body cause it will shake the crap out of your car at high speeds.

I'm 19 with limited knowledge on cars so if i could do it you can do it!! Just took me a few hours with no prior experience.
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Screw it.

Instead of buying things that are going to be replaced next year, its getting straight piped on the drivers side. I'm removing the passengers side tail pipe, using the existing drivers side pipe (2.5 inch mustang pipe), removing the muffler on the drivers side completely, and replacing the Y and muffler with a single 2.5" pipe


New setup is this:

Stock DP, gutted Cat, single 2.5" mandrel bent pipe to a single 2.5" tailpipe. It should be a good deal louder than the dual flowmasters, and should actually be better performance wise. I'll re-do the complete exhaust from turbo to tail lights next year.

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I have Stinger's 3" single system - from the elbow to the bumper, no muffler just a 3" magnaflow cat.

If you are right behind the car it is kind of loud at idle. It sounds awesome.

Prior to this my exhaust kept getting shorter as pieces rusted out/fell off. The only things I purchased were turndowns and clamps. It got really loud inside the car when the turndowns were on the Y. I didn't want to purchase anything until I got the system. Well, I did purchase the downpipe but it didn't go on until I had the rest of the system.
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