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Exhaust Manifold Glowing Red Hot
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Any info would help.
I took a drive last night and opened the hood to check a hose I put on and noticed the Exhaust Manifold glowing red hot like it just came out of a mold at a steel mill.I noticed a big loss of compression so I'm guessing Cat converter.I also have to replace a intake manifold gasket.Money is tight right now so would the intake gasket have any effect on the exhaust manifold glowing?Thanks in advance for any help.I see you guys seem to know your stuff here.
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A leaky intake manifold gasket will suck in unmetered air under no boost conditions, making the mixture lean, which will produce high exhaust temps. Under boost, air will leak out, and it will run rich, which, if real rich, can also lead to high exhaust temps.

What about your ignition timing? Excessively advanced or retarded timing will also lead to high exhaust temps.

With all that said, if you pop the hood, especially at night, right after some "spirited driving", it is normal for the manifold and turbo turbine housing to glow a dull red, but it shouldnt glow if you drive it easy, and stay out of boost most of the time.

Jeff Korn

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all this I didn't know... that may also explain why I can't run the car in the high boost ranges with out it backfiring at 14 psi and just loosing power at 10
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I was told by russ at rapido that it is normal after hard driving to see the manifold glow. Whatever is wrong with your car could be causing it to glow also?.
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I just experianced this also , my Cat was plugged and who knows how long. It warped my exuast valves

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