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Exhaust bolt information
Pete D Offline
The size is M10 X 1.50. The grade was better than 8 but I don't know the exact spec. At one time 40bob was using 12.9 bolts with his headers

On the stock bolt only, I get the following:
head size is 17mm. Thread spec is 10mm X 1.50
*Over all length is 2.378" inch (all following is in inches)
*Bolt body length (below bolt head) = approx 2.087"
* Length of threads = approx 1.195"

These last 2 specs apply to the studded bolts also.
* the overall length is 3.050"
* the stud length is 0.655", same thread size

All measurements are approx. due to not having the right equipment to make all measurements and piece to piece variation.
Pete Dunham


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