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Engine swap?
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Hi everyone,

I searched threads and found this one from 2008!

I know you can build the 2.3 to run 10's. I'm thinking of swapping to preserve my stock 2.3L with only 95000 km on it. 

I could buy another 2.3 and build it, but would like to install a 6 speed stick. I have found at least one individual that installed a T56 to the 2.3L.

There are many pullout options. I come across a 2.3 Turbo 310HP / 6 speed from a 2015 Mustang for 5KUSD. 

Many years ago thought of putting in a 5L and twin turbo charging it. Later once I learned of the 4.6 Cobra motor thought of twin turbo charging it. The 5L from the era would be easier with less fabrication, but with owning a Mark VIII, I do like the 4.6.

I'm not against building a 2.3L, just in Mississauga I do not know of anyone that does great work on these cars. 

I should mention that I need a new exhaust manifold and that is $409usd plus shipping and install. So just to fix mine and keep stock, i'm looking at spending around $800 CAD and think it better to put into some new? 

Was also thinking of buying as it would come with the manifold, so only around $1100usd more for some serious HP. with the 5 peed.
but currently sold out.
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