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engine swap
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I am looking to take the engine out of an 88 manual TC and put it in my 87 automatic. Do I need the computer out of the manual? What other things do I need to look for?
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If you keep the auto trans then keep the auto computer. If you use the manual trans, use the manual computer. The auto computer controls some functions of the auto trans.

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Thank you, Pete. That is what I was thinking. I really have no idea on how it all works.... but want to part out everything that I can off of the parts car and sell it to pay for the paint job!
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I'd be interested to hear your "seat of the pants" view on the difference of performance.
Did you drive it around with the original engine and the automatic before?
Would you be interested in some non-scientific test when you bolt up the engine from the manual TC into your Auto?
I would really like to know if you felt a difference!
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I can let you know. It will be interesting. I got the parts car because I was worried and feared the worst was wrong with my TC. It, like I said, was an automatic, and I plan to keep it that way. I never drove the manual at all. I drove the automatic, my 87, for about a year before the engine went. Some days it was really "on" and others it was sluggish. I am hoping that this engine work will solve that problem.

I really do not have the capacity to do much with my car mechanically. I leave that to David and his father. I can sand and strip and all of that.... I will let you all know how it goes, and once it is up and running and beautiful, I will send a photo. I am looking to paint it black cherry.

Thanks guys!
I just want my Bird back!

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