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engine price opinions
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I caught wind a wrecking yard was going to auction another car I've been searching for when I saw they also had an xr4ti door stamp 02/88. about 150k on the od. Yard wanted $650 for the engine/transmission.
That seemed REALLY steep to me. Or is it?

Bummer is that I wanted the T3 off it but they put their cars on the in no tires or suspension - subframe rails are on the ground. Couldn't imagine pullng the exhaust and turbo in that muddy situation.
Or is it easier than I'm thinking?
Sold it Sad*

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It may not be steep by JY standards but it's high by my pocketbook for 150K and you don't know what might be wrong with it. Also the the XR4Tis came with a T9 trans, not a T5.
The T9 is of no use from a TC stand point. The XR guys want to swap in T5s.

I have heard of a couple guys say they got the turbo elbow off the back of the turbo from the top.
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well, considering you can get the whole car for that price. yeah, that does seem a little high.

86 turbo coupe (14.9),2 86 2R SVO's, 90 mustang GT, 69 mustang coupe you have a V8...isn't that cute...
86 turbo coupe (14.12 at 15 psi. sleeper) *gone* you have a V8...isn't that cute...

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That price is 150 more than I paid for my whole car, so I'm with you all.

Pete, I had no idea they used a different tranny, thanks. the guy quoted me $450 without transmission. Still too much if you ask me.
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