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Engine code problems please help.
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Hello. I have an 1988 tc, auto with LB3. Only modes I've done so far is the k&n filter and my g2 arrives tomorrow. Injector cleaned and flow tested, new stock cam.
Car seems to run great no engine light. But when I run koeo I get these codes 11,10,41,65,72. Please point in the direction to correct

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Don't see 10 or 11 but hopefully this helps
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If you haven't already done si, I suggest that you erase the current codes by unplugging the code reader while the codes are being reports, then drive it for awhile and see what codes, if any, come back. Code 11 is a pass code meaning everything in that part of the test was OK. The 72 code is a quick goose the throttle to wide open and release. Not doing so is what sets the 72 code. Here is an article on running the codes that may be helpful:
Pete Dunham


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Hello. Thanks for the advice. I have disconnected battery twice to reset codes if it works that way. 72 cm should up koeo. I tried doing koer but when I hit test the engine revs then my Innova 3145 shuts off not allowing me to test. I will do another koeo and unplug after I hit test..

I read the link. When I have my Innova connected do I pull the sti plug during test or when it's pulling continuous memory codes?

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Why not just pull codes by jumping the EEC TEST connector and watching the CEL flash out the codes. Maybe your scanner is causing the stall at the start of the KOER test for some reason. If you get KOER to work, remember to step on the brake and do a brief WOT to bring the engine over 4000 RPM at the dynamic response code.

CM 72 has been debated a few times, and no one seems to know the exact cause. Possibly an intermittent EEC power relay in the IRCM, or poor power or ground connection to the PCM.
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