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If I was to buy the 2.3l out of the nonturbo Mustang, would it work? someone wants to sell me the complete engine and drivetrain(block, head, tranny) what parts would be of use to me? ( my engine is blown)
according to him, turbo would bolt right up with my manifolds? is this true? or do i need my head or what gives??


Both engines run different compression ratios, the mustang engine has the weaker cast pistons (which do NOT stand up to detonation or even the "normal" boost pressures we usually run), and the mustang engine is lacking the oil return line in the oil pan for the turbo. So can get things to work, but you'll likely end up needing a new engine withing a couple of months / weeks / days after this one blows, too.

If you're going to have to buy another engine anyways, take your time and make sure you get a turbo engine. You can get them for just as cheap and won't have to worry about melting a piston if you ever encounter detonation.

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