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Emissions testing update
Pete D Offline
I just thought I'd share the results of emissions testing since it was my year here in Ohio to have all 3 turbo cars tested.

The daily driver and the SVO breezed through with very low readings compared to allowable limits. Both of these are very lightly modded and I did nothing more than warm them up

The project TC also went through with no problem. I was worried because I have heard that the A237 cam is hard to get through emissions. Since I get 3 tries for one fee, I figured I would try the first time without doing anything. The conditions were 160* T stat, 2200 miles on the oil and filter, timing advance at 13*, fuel pressure around 41 psi, premium fuel in the tank, switch set to premium. The reading for HCs was 20.5 and the allowable limit was 152.0. For comparison, the SVO registered 8.9 and the daily driver TC registered 5.6. I've always felt I could drop the fuel pressure in the project car and pick up a little HP, but prefer to run it on the safe side. CO readings were 0.02 for the project car, limit is 0.97. The SVO was 0.00 and the daily driver was 0.02 also. They also measure CO2 but don't have a limit for it here, yet. The 2 Birds were 14.++ and the SVO was 11.42
This pretty much alays any fears about getting the A237 through emissions so I'll being doing a head this winter for the SVO and using that cam in it.

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They use a treadmill type test here in the Boulder/Denver metro area. Both my TC and the Cougar passed handily. I'll get numbers on the Cougar tomorrow since the TC is in Oklahoma. The numbers are as good or better than "modern" cars. Ford did an amazing job of balancing emissions and power, and our hobby has extended the power part of that equation. I often deal with "green" activist about driving an "old" car. I just ask them what the environmental impact of crushing an old efficient car is compared with the environmental cost of creating a new car. I love this hobby.

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