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emergency brake warning light
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OK, I took everyone's suggestions on "wiggling" and "testing" the e-brake pedal but my warning light is still on.

Any other suggestions? How hard is it to just disconnect it? By habit the first thing I do when I get in a manual transmission car, after starting it, is to release the e-brake so I don't really need the warning light anyway.



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The connector can just be unplugged from the switch. The switch is a piece of white nylon with a screw, washer and spring attached, as well as a few other small metal pieces.

If your light is still on after you remove the connector from the switch, you have another problem. I think that light also indicates other brake problems if there are any, but it may be different on your car than mine since mine are non-abs.

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I think that light has more purpose than just as an E brake warning light. However just what else it might mean eludes me at the moment, probably having a senior moment.

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