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Electrical mod for Tuner users
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Just in case you havent seen it over at turbo ford. I think it could be put in the tech articles??;t=043058
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I have been following that same post and it does make good sense.
Stinger dual3"exhaust from dp & cat to magnaflows w/2.5 outlets w/tailpipes.Homemade CAI w/boost at18psi.MM c/c plates and tubular lca/front coilovers with Koni red adjustables all around. Ported/BV head/A237 and bobslog w/a stinger fmic set-up waiting to go on.86 stang gt w/motor and T-5 from a 86 TC w/3"SS dualexhaust w/cc plates and lowered 1.5".With volvo ic installed.

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Outstanding thread. I suspect some of the suggestions, to add relays and seperate wiring, in this thread would be good for non-tuner users that have a lot of mods. I'll see if they will let us write something up that captures this. I'll also put a copy of this link in the "Performance Upgrades" Archives forum.
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