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As mentioned in an earlier topic, earlier in the summer I decided to replace the dash and climate control in my car.

Well the good news is that its all back together. The bad news is that what started as a no start after reassembly, has turned into an electrical nightmare. After spending way to much time tracing wires and reading through the electrical manual I discovered that I forgot to reconnect the recessed wire on the headlight switch. It looks like this.

[Image: IMG_20130712_135527_456.jpg]

So I connected this wire and put my jump box on. Low and behold a bunch of smoke pours out from the left side of he dash. Lovely. The ground wire that goes to the warning chime melted to all forms of a oblivion. Here's what melted.

[Image: IMG_20130708_222836_728.jpg]

Since then I've crawled between the seat and the dash as best as I could but it's clear that I need to take the seat out to get where I need to be. Being that I can't connect the battery without smoke, I tried to jumper the power seat switch to a jump box. However, the wiring diagram in my book doesn't match that of my car. I tried to connect the jump box to the pins that were similar in location but unfortunately ended up with smoke again. Fortunately, it was only to from the switch and doesn't seem to have melted anything.

Here's what the wiring in the book looks like:

[Image: IMG_20130712_131919_786.jpg]

Here's my switch:

[Image: IMG_20130712_135540_922.jpg]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to take my seat out first and formost. So any idea on how to jumped the switch to get the seat all the way forward to get the back bolts on would be great. Thanks.

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For those ever stuck in the similar situation as mine. The power seat can me moved both forward and backwards following these steps.

1. Unbolt the switch cover.
2. Locate the connector and movement switch for the seat (do this by removing the 2 screws that go through the electrical connector)
3. Separate the switch from the electrical connector using a flat screw driver (this step is super important because the switch shorts most of the wires together at rest)
4. Insert pins in between the housing and the terminals of the yellow wire/white tracer and the red wire/white tracer.
5. Connect the positive cable of the jump box to the red wire/white tracer and the negative cable of the jump box the yellow/white tracer to move the seat backwards. Switch the cables to go forwards.
6. Use the power switch on your jump box to walk the seat forwards and backwards.

Now off too pull the rest of the burnt wire out.

Also, thanks Pete for emailing me the wiring diagrams they helped a ton.
88 Turbo Bird 5 spd no mods

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