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Electric Brake Booster - where to find? 1988 Turbo coupe
Mike N Offline
Hello all,
It seems the Ford dealership no longer stock the electric brake booster for my 1988 Thunderbird turbo coupe I'm working on.

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket company that makes them?



Pete D Offline
Let me ask, what is the problem with the one you have? It might not be the booster itself

I don't know if these people have them or not but give them a call if you really need one:
SIA Electronics Inc. Seem they repair these things
Might call them if you need parts and see what they charge. 800-327-6338. They are in DuQuoin, IL 62383
Pete Dunham


Jeff K Offline
I think A1 Cardone also sells reman units, but they are BIG $$.

As Pete said, the problem may not be the MC assy, but as simple as a $20 relay, or a $120 pressure switch. The actual MC assys do go bad, but it isnt that common. Most common failures are relay, press sw, accumulator, and motor, all of which can be replaced seperately.
Jeff Korn

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